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Why WordPress? WordPress is the ideal platform for updating websites yourself simply. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) software tools in the world with over 60 million downloads.  Allowing you to create, edit, and publish website content yourself very easily. By using WordPress for the back end administration area, we are able to custom design the front of the website to suit your individual business and design requirements.

Some additional features of WordPress include Online Shopping Carts, Email Marketing and Sending Newsletters, Social Events and Calendars, Online Accommodation Bookings, Restaurant Reservations, Real Estate Listings, Social Media Integration, Blog writing and more!

WordPress Custom Design

Logomotion will customise WordPress to meet your specific business needs. To view examples of our WordPress based website designs, click here.

WordPress comes standard with a few very basic themes as you’ll see in the video below. However, we prefer to customise a theme or design a theme completely from scratch to suit your individual business requirements perfectly.

WordPress Maintenance

As with most CMS (Content Management System) based websites, there is a fair amount of maintenance required. Regular updating of software, plugins, and extensions is essential to keep your WordPress based website running smoothly and efficiently – most importantly it will help to keep your website secure. By purchasing a WordPress based website design package including hosting, Logomotion will continue to maintain your website throughout the year. This also includes taking regular backups of your entire site home directory and database.

Aside from keeping your website software updated, its also very important to keep your website content up to date. There is nothing worse than finding old out-of-date information on a website. By keeping your website fresh, updated, and with lots of new content will help to keep your customers happy and also improve your Google ranking.

Introducing WordPress 5.4

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